Welcome to the webquarters of slackerass.com. We are the online destination for the corporate slacker offering inspiration, advice, and products to help you most effectively waste time at work. From the mind-numbingly addictive to the wildly hilarious to the surprisingly practical, we scour the web world to bring the best sites, products, and advice so you can get down to the business of doing nothing. Here are some of the features of our services:

Slackerass Tool Box

The Slackerass Tool Box contains quality time-wasting material in order to effectively get you through the work day, doing as little work as possible. Search through games, slacker advice, and other addicting websites in order to increase your ability to make it through the work day.

Hide Button

You have noticed a strange button floating to your right. Click this button when a nosey co-worker pops up over the cubicle, a manager appears unexpectedly, or the office rat decides to pass by your work station.  It will automatically drive you back to our head office page which we have specifically designed to camouflage what you’re really doing.  It’s a safety feature we’ve built to enhance your slackerass experience.  Remember, appearances are everything, and it is better to look busy than be busy.

Slackerass Store

Our collection of slacker swag has been specifically designed to aid the workplace slacker. Whether you are looking to defend your left over thai food from hungry coworkers, or find a subtle way to tell your cubicle-mate to confront their BO problem, we have the right item for you.